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believes that recently, the most surprising to the public shoes news, than the former Reebok spokesperson Kendrick Lamar (K.DOT) switch to Nike, has become one of Nike's strongest artists resources. Over the years has been tepid Cortez, in the West Bank under the leadership of the new king, red seems not a big problem. do you really think that K.DOT signing Nike is only good for Nike? In the Reebok, will lose such a "DeYiShuangXin", is "one of the annual event regret". As for th Retro jordans for sale e star, how strong is the ability to carry goods, and to see a few episodes of "hip-hop in China", in fact, is not too difficult to understand. It is no exaggeration to say that every brand, to the international sports brand, from the new Jin tide, no do not want to stick on "star with goods" aura. through the simplest channels (Star upper body to increase exposure), so that consumers blindly follow the star heat and buy. Maybe your dress is not at all heart, material, design wi Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping thout bright spots, but as long as stars wear fire, who cares about the process? star upper body, no doubt the brand has long coveted the "short cut", in the end whether this phenomenon is good or bad, we have to judge. Since I said "star brings goods" so sharp, is it really no flaw? Well, today's topic starts here: is the money from the fans really so easy to make? fan economy, is the structure of the fans and concerned about the relationship between the behavior. In the star cheap jordans for sale mens itself, in addition to star fans and heat, positive image is what the brand cares most. However, not every artist can do it without fear of shadow. For example, the following two, let us see the "fan economy" defeat side. fan economy, delicious, but not good, "play" Young Lord aka A$ap Bari for example, with A$ap Rocky, including Edison Chan and other powerful "goods" backup, VLONE from a small street brand has been entered into the Paris Fashion Week "high street" brand, cal cheap jordans online led "street brand myth" will not be excessive. but with a good brand of A$ap Bari to make a movie of this kind of "sexual abuse scandal when evil, hated by both man and God" exposure, including A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg and Playboi Carti, friends have castigated Bari, a real push everyone down the wall. VLONE x Nike Nike only short-term benefits, but people can not tolerate a gilded signboard scratch , as one of VLONE's potential push hands, is absolutely rare in the global explo Cheap air jordans for sale sion of VLONE in Nike Not to be confused with Retail for both pairs is21: Stage oneMarchHello everyone! Welcome to my blog diary during the match at the ring. I'm here to bring you something new in the game, and tell me what it feels like to ride in a race like this. today we ushered in the first stage. At the start of the game my legs can feel the discomfort of the aircraft, but the day of riding to ease the situation. Downhill in the rain very interesting, especially cheap jordans for sale when we were in the front of the group, the only regret is that a small part of the ups and downs, and the rest of the line for me is too straight. game in the final group rushed, Swifty not to be able to win the stage a little embarrassed, but Bouhanni is really a good guy! It's not a shame to lose him. As a team, we have a strong performance, in all the performance of the moment there are as. my own state is also very good! Looking forward to see you mountain stage, and Chris (F cheap jordan shoes for men orum), and G (Thomas) and how to get the results. Of course, I also want to be able to play. it's hard to get the finish line in the same place today, so the team can take a lot of things to the finish line, like a team with a kitchen! After the end of the race to ride a 500 meter to the hotel. Below a transition is not hard, for a multi day race was really good, more time to rest, and to the fans to write this diary! 22: Stage twoMarchtoday is a beautiful day. The team once again Retro jordans for sale shows good status as a team. We didn't lose time, this stage is the most important thing. Ben in today's sprint performance can not be very good. Did not get the results we expected. The route is very straight, all the way down, all the way down, you will meet a U type curve and a circle at the last moment. I think the team is strong, this is the way it is today. tomorrow is obviously important stage. I am looking forward to seeing everyone climbing state, GC the gap between this Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping stage will also appear. It's good to be happy that my legs are fully restored! 23: Stage threeMarchtoday the weather is very cold, the stage temperature is low, downhill when deeper feelings. Whenever the full speed downhill, you can hear the wind from the ear of the wind to realize the meaning of the low temperature. Low temperature to double the difficulty, only 3 degrees Celsius near the end. My leg feels good on the slope. This is a very difficult stage, but I think our team cheap foamposites qualified performance. as a driver. After each stage we will talk a lot, not only in the bus fleet, will start discussions on dinner table, then the focus will transfer to the stage tomorrow. It will be a tough battle. right now I'm looking for the most is to go to Christian (the team press 〉For the American designer Mark McNairy we are already very familiar with, his namesake shoes series is very full of purchases, Brogue Shoe's often a higher rate are the major single product appears on the magazine. Today we bring what Mark McNairy 2013 autumn and winter quarters shoes series. These shoes are designed for Amsterdam out of the series, still known by the British Northampton shoe manufacturer Sanders & amp; Sanders to build. There are three pairs of shoes and one pair of Brogue Shoe Strap Monk Shoe. As introduced, like the Mark McNairy's design is a combination of classical and modern, in the above conventional shoes into the more innovative designs, for example, tiger and jungle camouflage fatigues Brogue Shoe. Strap Monk Shoe on the classic with full grain leather uppers glow new look. Whether you are 25 years old or 50 years old can easily manage such shoes. Like it can now be purchased through British END HUNTING online shop. & nbsp;FoamPosite one "gone fishing" re release of the kind, and the fishing spray he, Powell also released shoes exclusive shoe bag, the similar nets shows the fishbone logo for theme highlights are quite in place; shoes will be released on June 20th, rumors will limit the amount of 8000 pairs of commercially available, will be Wolf much less meat of a bloody battle. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!